“You did a wonderful job. At the time I contacted you, I was having a difficult time dealing with all the situations that arise when being the caretaker for someone with dementia. You not only helped me identify and contact the various doctors that needed to be seen, various county workers that could help, and even a lawyer, and then took the appropriate lead in making appointments, gave me reminders of what needed to be done, and was always available to go to appointments with me when needed. I am sure every caregiver finds themselves in similar situations. I would recommend you highly and without reservation to have you help them through that difficult situation.” William


“Thank you for the eleven months of exceptional service. You have played a pivotal role in my family’s life, especially through a difficult time, and you did it superbly. It was a great comfort that I could count on your judgment, day in and out, whatever the issue or task.” Jeremy

Angela and Jim

“Thank you again for all you did to make Arthur’s life better. You gave us such good advice and were always there to help when we could not be. Your visits really added to his quality of life and more importantly, I know he enjoyed visits from you. You made him smile!”

I don’t want more personal service

“I don’t want more ‘Personal’ service. What does that mean, anyway? What I want is to be in charge of my life, to do things as I wish them done, when I wish them done. Elder Care Consultants understands that and works with me. They have my back.”

Our family felt helpless

“Our family felt so helpless—we had no idea what dad needed, and how to provide it to him. How could we choose the right assisted living facility for him? One that could meet his medical needs while providing as much independence? Elder Care Consultants helped us navigate through the maze of options, and dad is happy and thriving.”

Vanessa Bishop

“There is no simple answer for what kind of care your loved one needs, nor is there one answer that is right for all. Our role as the client advocate is to help the client and the family create the ideal situation that works with the client’s care needs, budget, and desire for independence.” —Vanessa Bishop, Founder