A consultation is an educational tool

The first step for many clients and families is a consultation. It can be a good way for you and your loved one to assess whether Elder Care Consultants is the right match for your family’s situation. In this consultation, we learn about what in particular you’re looking for and discuss how a care manager can help. During this session, we’ll learn about the matters at hand and assess which of our care managers is the best fit.

For individuals and families not ready to move into the initial comprehensive assessment phase, our care managers are available to provide a consultation. We are prepared to explain various options such as the ramifications of continuing care at home; circumstances in which a senior might need, or wish, to move; offer education and resources on Medicare/ Medicaid planning; discuss pertinent home safety measures; and offer tips on how best to coordinate with other family members, especially during a trying time.

Elder Care Consultants can research and discuss multiple alternatives to your loved one’s care needs. Such is the case when a family is torn between trying to keep an aging parent at home versus making a move to a Continuing Care Community. Sometimes the family/caregiver/loved one simply needs the advice of an expert on the assessment process.