Our Process

A Step Approach to Care Management

The main ingredient for successfully developing and implementing a personalized, comprehensive, and workable care management plan is coordination. At Elder Care Consultants, we take a unique step-by-step approach to care management. Our team of care managers implement the process, based on the patient’s individual needs. Always, your loved one’s needs drive the development and implementation of the care plan.


The first step for many clients and families is a consultation. While it’s not part of our step-by-step approach, it can be a good way for you and your loved one to assess whether Elder Care Consultants is the right match for your family’s situation. In this consultation, we learn about what in particular you’re looking for and discuss how a care manager can help. During this session, we’ll get to know the client and assess which of our care managers is the best fit.

Step 1: Assessment

The first step is to determine the needs of the client. We perform a comprehensive Individual Assessment that consists of a broad range of tests and interviews, including an examination of mental health and cognitive status, functional status, nutritional status, the medical plan of care, and home safety. We also conduct an in-depth review of the client’s medical and psychosocial history. This assessment is vital to ensure all aspects of a client’s general welfare and safety are taken into consideration.

Step 2: Care Plans

Using data from the comprehensive individual and home safety assessments, along with the voiced concerns of our clients and their caregivers, we then develop a complete care plan. The Care Plan identifies problem areas, establishes targets and goals, and suggests detailed interventions to meet the goals. The Care Plan serves as a road map to the care planning process and is periodically re-assessed and updated so that it is continuously synchronized to meet the client’s personal values and needs.

Step 3: Education

We believe that awareness of alternative choices fosters wise decisions. Proper education for the client and involved loved ones maximizes their participation in decision-making and care plan implementation. This working partnership ensures the client’s right to self-determination.

Step 4: Implementation

The care plan can only be as good as the degree to which it becomes a reality. Once there is consensus on the plan by all the involved parties, making the care plan a reality becomes our primary concern. Our care manager coordinates the activities of the team, monitors the team’s progress, modifies the care plan as necessary, and provides continual feedback to the client and involved loved ones.

Step 5: Advocacy

Each member of the interdisciplinary team caring for your loved one has a specific area of expertise and a specific responsibility. Your care manager’s sole responsibility is the client’s needs. Meeting their needs requires constantly balancing and coordinating the recommendations of the team, the needs of your loved one, and your desires.

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